How long will Apple’s annoying silence about iOS 17 sideload last?


Narrated XDA DevelopersApple has no choice but to add sideloading to iOS, and may eventually be forced to open the doors of its platform to rival stores.

In relation to Google, this issue is not so problematic, because as we said, Android has been hosting various stores for years.

Spotify is one of the biggest supporters of the EU Digital Markets Act. The company previously launched a campaign called “It’s Time to Play Fair” that focused on Apple; That campaign claimed that Apple, with its power in the market, considers unfair advantages for its own services. Spotify is Apple Music’s main competitor.

Given the current situation, Apple is likely to allow access to various stores on the iPhone. In a section of the Digital Markets Act, the European Union states that any restriction on access to app distribution channels is considered unfair and constitutes a violation of the law.

The most important issue on the minds of Apple users these days is the lack of mention of sideloading at the WWDC conference. For now, we don’t know why Apple didn’t mention this feature. Maybe Apple has held private meetings with developers regarding this issue.

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