Reddit protests; Hackers’ feet opened to the revolution on the “first page of the Internet”.


A group of hackers has threatened to reveal confidential information stolen from the Reddit community if a ransom is not paid. They also say that Reddit should reverse the API price hike, which has been in the news a lot in recent days.

Reddit, known among users as “the front page of the Internet” and a forum for discussing everything, is going through a busy time.

According to single crunchThe BlackCat ransomware group, also known as ALPHV, has announced on the dark web that it has “80 GB of compressed data” from Reddit. Apparently, this information was stolen last February by infiltrating the company’s systems.

A Reddit spokesperson has confirmed that Blackcat’s claims are related to a cyber incident in February last year. At the time, Reddit’s chief technology officer said hackers gained access to employee information and internal documents in a “highly targeted phishing attack.” He also said that there is no evidence that users’ personal data such as passwords and user accounts were stolen.

At the time of the cyberattack, Reddit did not release any additional details about the incident or the people behind the attack; However, in recent days, Blackcat has claimed that it was responsible for the cyber attack on Reddit and now has access to confidential information of this company. It is not clear what this information includes. Blackcat has not yet provided any documents to prove its claims.

Hacking group Blackcat says it has tried to contact Reddit twice but has not received a response. A spokesperson for the group says Reddit likely won’t pay anything: “We expect to disclose the data.”

The hackers have demanded that Reddit pay $4.5 million and cancel the API price hike project.

The increase in the price of the Reddit API has marked a historic protest in this online forum. In response, a significant number of popular subreddits with millions of users became private and inaccessible.

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