Meta is facing many challenges to compete in the artificial intelligence market


based on what Gizmochina He writes, Meta faces serious challenges to compete with OpenAI in the field of artificial intelligence. Despite the heavy investment Mark Zuckerberg In this area, the reduction of forces in recent times and the separation of a number of senior researchers have slowed down the progress of Meta in the artificial intelligence market.

Meta has lost a significant number of artificial intelligence researchers in the last year, and as a result of this situation, the ability of Zuckerberg and his team members to compete with the market leaders has been affected. Factors such as the separation of forces and the instability of the meta’s movement path have made these conditions even stronger.

Informed sources say that the United States government recently held a summit focused on artificial intelligence in the White House, where a number of officials from companies such as Google and OpenAI were present; But the leader of Meta’s artificial intelligence team was not invited to attend this summit.

Meta employees have urged company executives to chart a new course for artificial intelligence. They demand that Meta fix the mistakes of the past and emerge stronger in the field of artificial intelligence. Despite this, Zuckerberg has repeatedly praised Meta’s advances in the AI ​​market.

Last year, a large number of meta artificial intelligence researchers decided to leave Zuckerberg’s company due to layoffs or unwillingness to work with the company. The release of ChatGPT and the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence caused a number of Meta employees to leave the company when faced with a tempting job offer.

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