Put away the phone for a month, get half a billion tomans as a prize!

Put away the phone for a month, get half a billion tomans as a prize!

Maybe leaving the phone and staying away from social networks and its effects for a month is a reward in itself; But one of the French companies plans to consider a special prize for this work.

Siggi, a company active in the dairy sector, in Statement It has announced that to enter the “Digital Detox Program,” participants must write a short essay explaining why they need a digital detox in their lives and how it will positively impact them with Siggy’s brand philosophy.

The participants will lock their mobile phones in a box for one month and instead they will use a non-smart phone and a credit SIM card for one month to make calls and send SMS.

Digital detox has been touted for years as a term to describe the benefits of staying away from the online space. The harmful effects of long-term use of phones, tablets, computers, televisions and connecting to the internet have been scientifically proven.

Some companies use the term “digital detox” to make money. Siggy Dairy Company is clearly using this term and concept as a marketing campaign. In addition to $10,000 in cash, the company offers three months of dairy products to its winners.

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