Opera browser on iPhone is equipped with artificial intelligence

Opera browser on iPhone is equipped with artificial intelligence

Due to the passage of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), some technology companies have made changes to their services. One of these companies is Spotify, which plans to use a dedicated in-app payment feature in the future in line with the new DMA rules.

The European Union’s Digital Markets Act will allow iPhone users in Europe to use the original version of Chrome and Firefox browsers. Apparently, Opera is also planning to release the original version of its browser for the iPhone.

Opera’s official statement It shows that the company is going to release the AI-powered browser in the European Union for the iOS operating system. The new Opera browser will probably be introduced in March 2024, which is when the DMA deadline comes.

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Jurgen Arneson, head of Opera Mobile, says: “As the leading browser developer in Europe, we welcome the changes made by DMA; Because it creates a competitive market among creators and also gives more and more diverse choices to the audience.

Arnsen added: “Opera’s artificial intelligence version named Opera One Known, it will be available for iOS users. “Apple will use a browser selection screen in iOS that allows users to choose their favorite browser as the default.”

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