Put a link in the Instagram story

Put a link in the Instagram story


Instagram Stories have become a popular way for businesses and individuals to connect with their followers. Stories provide a fun and engaging way to share content, and by adding a link, you can drive more people to your website or online store and increase your sales. Another way is professional captioning that can help you be seen more.

When Story Links first rolled out, they were swipe-up and only available to Instagram accounts with over 10,000 followers. The swipe up feature is no longer there and has been replaced with a link subscription sticker that is available to all users.

In this article, we will show you how to add a link to your Instagram story and increase engagement with your followers.

What is the link share sticker in Instagram story?

Like other types of stickers on Instagram, such as location and polls and questions, link stickers on Instagram stories are another way to personalize your story posts.

As we said, unlike the Story Swipe-up feature, which is now disabled and was only available to accounts with more than 10,000 followers, the Link Sticker in Story is available to everyone and can be used to share links to products, YouTube videos, etc. .. can be used.

How to add a link to your Instagram story?

The process of adding a link to an Instagram story is very simple. Follow these steps to get started:

  • To add a link to your Instagram story, you must first create a new story. Open the Instagram app and tap the plus icon in the top left corner of your screen.
  • You can take a new photo or video or select an existing photo from your camera gallery.


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