Apple Watch Ultra will not be equipped with a microLED display until 2026

Many Apple Watch fans have long been waiting for this product’s Note to be released with a microLED display. Now it seems that expectations will not end soon; Because according to a new report, we have to wait until 2026 to introduce the Apple Watch Ultra equipped with a microLED screen.

Optimistic reports about the use of a microLED display in the Apple Watch date back to 2019; Where it was said that Apple will probably use these panels in its smart watches in early 2020; But this did not happen.

To better understand the microLED technology, it is not bad to review the road map of Apple displays. This company first used IPS LCD panels with normal backlight, and then we saw IPS LCD panels with miniLED backlight. The Cupertino-based tech giant used the said technology in the iPad Pro and MacBook so that users can enjoy darker blacks and brighter whites.

Apple first used OLED display in smart watches and then in some iPhone models. This company has not yet used this technology in the production of its iPads or MacBooks; But we expect OLED panels to be used in the iPad early next year. This technology provides deeper blacks and its energy consumption is very low.

microLEDs consist of microscopic versions of conventional LEDs, complete arrays of which are considered for each pixel, and their dimensions are hundreds of times smaller than traditional LEDs.

Among the advantages of microLED compared to OLED, it can be mentioned that it offers a very high degree of control, which improves the quality of displays. In addition, the mentioned technology does not have the longevity problems of OLED.

Apple Watch Ultra 2026 with microLED display

Currently, Apple has postponed its plans to use a microLED display in the Apple Watch, and we will not see the introduction of this product until 2026.

written by 9to5macThe small dimensions of microLED panel components have made the manufacturing process of these displays very difficult, and this issue can increase production costs and reduce efficiency.

Since the purchase of LuxVue in 2014, Apple has invested more than $1 billion in the development of its display technology, with the aim of helping microLED display suppliers such as Samsung.

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