Presenting the latest digital achievements of Irancell at the ECO Communications Ministers’ Summit

According to Irancell Public Relations, the meeting of Ministers of Communication and Information Technology of the member countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) will be held on 21st and 22nd of July 1402 at Spinas Palace Hotel in Tehran, so that the participants will discuss the ways of developing bilateral and multilateral cooperation between the member countries. and review.

By participating in an exhibition at this international event, Irancell, while supporting the summit, will introduce its latest products, services and achievements in various fields of communication technologies and digital transformation to the visitors.

In this meeting and during various meetings, ministers, heads of delegations and other participants discussed the latest developments identified in the “2025 ECO Regional Strategy for the Development of the Information Society 2025”, which is also the future horizon of this organization, and the mechanisms of regional integration in the field of ICT. They will discuss.

Introducing the most important services and services that can be provided on the basis of the latest communication technologies, such as the fifth generation of 5G mobile phone network and fiber optic network (FTTH), presenting the latest achievements of Irancell in the field of digital transformation and digital services, as well as presenting the latest generation of Irancell SIM cards, are among the things which marks the presence of Irancell in the side exhibition of the meeting of Ministers of Communication and Information Technology of ECO member countries.

Irancell, as the first operator to provide 5G and the record holder for the speed and number of 5G sites in Iran, has put the comprehensive program of “Digital Transformation” on its agenda with the aim of empowering the Iranian society in the digital lifestyle, and so far has played a key role in expanding the country’s communication infrastructure to It has served as the central core of digital transformation. Irancell’s roadmap and vision, expanding this role through the development of the fifth generation internet infrastructure and fiber optic network, as well as an influential and powerful entry in the platform layers and focusing on the management and leadership of the digital ecosystem, along with investing in artificial intelligence, metadata, cloud computing, etc. Is.

The strategic goal of Irancell is to transition from a communication operator (Telco) to a technology company (Techco), moving at the edge of technology and becoming one of the main players of digital transformation in the region, as well as empowering three layers of users, i.e. subscribers, companies and the government, through Providing digital tools, platforms and solutions in various fields, which includes participation in international and regional events.

The meeting of Ministers of Communication and Information Technology of the member countries of ECO organization will be held on 21st and 22nd of July 1402, from 8 am to 8 pm, at Spinas Palace Hotel in Tehran.

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