People’s public opinion about computer games from the Persian point of view. Download

People’s public opinion about computer games from the Persian point of view. Download


Until now, as we are writing this article, two billion people in the world have played video and online games. For all ages, these games are exciting, uplifting and fun. But unfortunately, some people get addicted to these games due to wrong habits.

To the extent that the negative effects of these games on their lives are also visible. In the last few years, people’s opinion about these games has changed. Some people think that these games are harmful in every way. Others think that computer games are very useful. With this in mind, it is important that you know the pros and cons of such games. We will talk more about this later.

What are the characteristics of computer games?

Computer games that have become a big challenge now are games with different features! These games are extremely important in today’s information and communication era. For this reason, every gamer should know their features before doing them. These features may change public opinion about computer games. In this media context Persian download It has been a good source for getting to know the games of the day in the world, which we have discussed below:

Contrary to public opinion, computer games are a source for measuring the performance of children and teenagers. When a child plays the game, he will show different reactions. Reflecting on these reactions allows the child’s performance to be examined and analyzed. In order to be able to understand the child’s interactions and know them in the best way, it is necessary to measure the performance with the computer game in the first step.

One of the most important and unique features of computer games is education. Considering the public opinion of computer games, you may say that these games are not suitable for education. But you are very wrong. Human learning has always been accompanied by events and changes. Maybe sometimes, people learn violence from computer games. They may even learn things that are not suitable for them. But in many cases, people are taught to help others, to cooperate, to cooperate, and so on. Therefore, it cannot be said that 100% of computer games are negative in the field of education. Each person learns useful or not useful things from these games according to his opinion.

One of the most important things that play a role in modeling are computer games. For example, imagine a football game. Your child will think that he is the main player when he is in this game. So, with different techniques, he wants to be superior to the competitor. It is the same in other games. Violent games have violent patterns. Humanitarian games boost self-esteem. Strategic and targeted games have some kind of effect on the gamer. According to people’s public opinion about computer games, these games have the highest level of modeling because they influence the audience’s mind in a creative way.

  • social participation:

We all know that today’s generation has a good understanding of friendship, identity, possessions and many other things. This generation has learned the principles of social participation by using what is available in computer games. For this reason, its benefits have been reflected in their level of life. Young people increase their friendship by playing computer games in groups. These people can communicate with each other and develop concepts as well. For this reason, sociologists and educators use these games as a tool for social participation.

Many people believe that using games improves one’s interaction. It doesn’t matter whether this game is computer or face-to-face, in any case, it affects a person. When a gamer discloses his identity and enters his characteristics before playing the game, he has engaged in some form of interaction. In this case, he puts himself in the place of the game character and uses all his strength to succeed in the game. This person performs a specific action at each stage of the game. So he can learn new skills.

Benefits of computer games


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