“Nightingale” was out of reach

According to what was announced by the deputy of Satra’s regulations and legal affairs, apparently this institution has issued a request to filter the “Balbeljan” platform. Hamed Moini, the vice president of legal affairs of this institution, announced that Satra has filed a complaint with the judiciary against “Balbaljan” as an infringing platform and has also announced this issue to the working group for determining examples of computer criminal content.

Therefore, at the request of Satra and by the working group for determining examples of computer criminal content, “Belbeljan” has been removed from access.

These events and Satra’s request to impose restrictions on the “Bulbal Jan” platform were carried out in a situation where the Fars news agency wrote in an article two days ago that “Bulbal Jan’s show platform has obscene content in many of its films and series, and a number of infrastructure companies are providing services to this offending platform.”

It was in this article that the demand to monitor “Balbeljan” was raised and Moeini had also announced that he entered into this story and is following up on the status of this platform through the judiciary to pursue the issue of condemning this platform, which Fars News Agency referred to as a “bed of prostitution”.

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