Now anyone can publish Android apps for Windows 11

Android application support was one of the attractive features that Microsoft maneuvered at the Windows 11 unveiling ceremony; But users quickly noticed that few of the applications available in the Amazon App Store were officially supported, and even those applications did not work properly on Windows 11.

However, Microsoft and Amazon have always been trying to optimize the experience of Android applications in Windows 11 and wrote XDA DevelopersNow, all developers can submit their Android applications to the Amazon App Store on Windows 11. Amazon says the app experience is delivered through WSA (Windows Android Subsystem).

Amazon says developers can easily reach millions of Windows 11 users without having to build desktop versions of apps. The company has pointed to successful examples such as Epic Seven, Hungry Shark Evolution and TikTok.

Don’t forget that the Amazon App Store on Windows 11 is still in the preview stage, which means that the apps may have bugs. This preview version is available in 31 countries and hosts more than 20,000 apps.

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