Intel uses more core and cache in 14th generation laptop chips

Intel uses more core and cache in 14th generation laptop chips


While there is not much time left until the unveiling of the new generation of Intel processors, more information about these products is revealed day by day. According to rumors, some of the 14th generation HX series processors will have more cores and caches compared to the 13th generation.

written by Video cardsIntel plans to use 8P+16E configuration instead of 8P+8E and 6P+0E configuration (P means high-power core and E means low-power core) in the 14th generation laptop processors. The 14th generation desktop processors will probably experience minor changes in core count, except for the Core i7-14700K model.

The 14th generation Intel Core i5-14650HX processor uses 8 high-power cores and 8 low-power cores. Thus, this processor has two more powerful cores than the 13650HX (13th generation). Also, the Core i5-14500HX will have the same number of cores as the 13th generation; But it will use a much more powerful cache.

Intel’s current flagship Core i9 processors use the 8P+16E configuration, and their core configuration is not going to change in the 14th generation; However, the 14th generation Core i9 series is likely to experience increased clock speeds and support for faster memories.


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