Noting Phone 2 was unveiled; More exciting optical system and price increase

Noting Phone 2, the latest phone from the fledgling brand Carl P, has finally been unveiled. Notting has released a lot of information about the Nothing Phone 2 in recent weeks to take the pulse of the news. The most important thing that was announced at the Nutting ceremony today is the price and release date of the product.

According to VergeNoting Phone 2 can be purchased from today with a base price of $599, but the device will start shipping on July 17. Noting Phone 2, unlike the previous generation, is also available in the important American market.

Nothing launches its second phone in different configurations. The basic configuration of the phone has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, however, another configuration of this device is available with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage and a price of $699. The most powerful configuration of the Notting Phone 2 with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage carries a price tag of $799.

In comparison, the Notting Phone 1 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage was available for £399. The price of the basic configuration of the Notting Phone 2 in the UK reaches 579 pounds. In this way, we are facing a significant price increase in the new generation.

Noting Phone 2 has not experienced major changes compared to the previous generation. The phone still has exciting light strips on the back panel. These optical strips were the most important feature of Notting Phone 1 and are considered the signature of Notting phones.

Nothing Phone 2 still has a dual camera on the back panel and is equipped with a customized version of Android called Nothing OS. Compared to the previous generation, the latest Notting phone has a faster processor, a larger battery and a larger screen.

The Glyph light system on the back panel of Notting Phone 2 uses the same arrangement as Notting Phone 1, but the light areas have been increased so that the new Notting phone can create more diverse visual effects. One of the light bars appears as a progress bar, and the other bar can show the countdown or volume. Notting has allowed developers to use glyph lighting effects for their own applications.

Noting Phone 2 has a new feature called Essential Glyph Notifications, which allows you to turn one of the light strips on the back panel into a notification light for contacts or applications. This light bar will stay on until you see the notification. The Glyph Composer feature allows you to create custom ringtones for the device that match the visual effect of the back panel light bars.

Such improvements can be seen in other parts of Notting Phone 2.

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