Big win for Microsoft; The American court issued a license to take over Activision

A California judge announced the final decision in the news-making case between Microsoft and the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and said that the Redmond company is allowed to acquire Activision Blizzard. The court hearing was held over five days, and Microsoft’s top executives, including Satya Nadia And Phil Spencer They appeared in court.

The case that the aforementioned judge declared closed was related to the request of the Federal Trade Commission to prevent the sale of Activision to Microsoft; However, Microsoft is still struggling with another case of this regulatory body. The Federal Trade Commission is concerned that Microsoft will close the deal by ignoring the case and the British position.

Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley In the final judgment, the court said that the sale of Activision to Microsoft was presented as the largest corporate acquisition in the history of the technology industry and should be investigated: “The investigations have concluded: Microsoft has committed in writing and publicly to the court that Call of Duty for 10 years Keep it like Xbox on Playstation.

Also, the judge mentioned the signing of the contract between Microsoft and Nintendo to publish Call of Duty on the Switch console and Microsoft’s contracts with cloud game service providers centered on Call of Duty. Judge Corley says his court’s powers were limited. This court has been trying to understand whether considering the current circumstances, it is necessary to prevent the conclusion of the contract or not.

In the continuation of the statement, it is stated that the court has decided to issue the verdict in favor of Microsoft; Because the conclusion of the contract, contrary to the claim of the Federal Trade Commission, does not significantly reduce competition. The documents provided show that the purchase of Activision will give more people access to Call of Duty and other games of the company.

The US Federal Trade Commission has rejected the nature of the contracts that Microsoft signed with cloud service providers; But in the end, Judge Corley mentioned these contracts as a positive thing.

The court’s final ruling indirectly confirms that the Nintendo Switch is part of the console market; But he concedes that the Federal Trade Commission could reasonably argue otherwise. Judge Corley has agreed with the Federal Trade Commission that personal computers are not part of the console market.

Brad SmithIn a statement, the head of Microsoft said that his company appreciates the quick and accurate decision of the San Francisco court. Also, he stated that Microsoft hopes that other countries will continue to try to solve the problems in due time.

Activision Blizzard has also reacted to Microsoft’s success in court. The CEO of this major publisher of the game industry says that the finalization of the contract with Microsoft will benefit consumers and employees.

The Federal Trade Commission said in a statement that it is planning next steps. The FTC is “disappointed” by the court’s decision; Because according to this government body, the merger of Microsoft and Activision is a clear threat to competition in the field of cloud gaming and subscription services and consoles.

According to VergeThe judge’s ruling allows Microsoft to finalize the Activision contract before the July 18 deadline. Of course, Microsoft still faces British opposition to do this. Some reports say Microsoft wants to close the deal, ignoring British objections.

The regulatory bodies of the European Union and other countries such as China have given the green light to Microsoft’s contract. Probably, in the coming days, important news based on this contract will be announced. The Federal Trade Commission has until July 14 to appeal the court’s final decision.

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