Nokia and Apple signed a long-term agreement to jointly use patents, including 5G technology

Nokia says it has signed a long-term reciprocal patent agreement with Apple to replace the current agreement between the two companies. The previous agreement between these two brands was registered in May 2017 and is valid until the end of 2023.

The new agreement between Apple and Nokia covers various patents such as 5G. GAMArena He writes, the terms of this contract are currently confidential, but according to Nokia’s announcement, Apple will pay fees for the use of multiple patents over a period of several years. Nokia is expected to start generating revenue from the new contract from January 2024.

Nokia also announced that its new agreement with Apple has a long-term perspective, which was also mentioned in the April 20, 2023 financial report.

Jenny Lokander“We are pleased to have amicably entered into a long-term patent agreement with Apple,” said Nokia’s CEO. This agreement demonstrates the strength of Nokia’s patents and decades of investment in research and development, helping to improve mobile phone standards and other technologies.”

Nokia’s patent portfolio is the result of more than 140 billion euros of investment in research and development since 2000. This brand currently has about 20,000 patents, including 5,500 essential patent certificates for 5G.

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