Elon Musk’s strange restrictions for Twitter; Normal users can read 600 tweets a day!

Elon Musk’s strange restrictions for Twitter;  Normal users can read 600 tweets a day!


Elon Musk Since last night, it has imposed an important restriction on Twitter and blamed the artificial intelligence industry companies for this situation. Musk says these companies collect massive amounts of Twitter data.

According to VergeTwitter’s new restrictions are temporary. Accordingly, unverified Twitter accounts can only see 600 posts per day, and 300 posts for new unverified accounts. On the other hand, if you have a blue tick, you can read 6,000 posts daily.

Shortly after Twitter implemented new restrictions, Elon Musk said the number of posts for verified accounts would soon reach 8,000. This number will be 800 and 400 for unverified users and new users, respectively.

Twitter’s new restriction comes as the social network has made it impossible to view posts without logging in. Before these restrictions, it was possible to view tweets and replies through the web version without logging into the user account. With this new change, users are now “forced” to create a Twitter account and pay for extensive activity.

Limiting tweet views is just one of Elon Musk’s ways to increase Twitter’s revenue. Twitter said in early April that it would drastically increase API prices. Elon Musk also redesigned the Blue subscription service, and now you have to pay eight dollars a month to get a Blue tick.

Elon Musk has blamed artificial intelligence companies that collect massive amounts of data from the internet for Twitter’s new restrictions. He says that the volume of data collection has increased and this has negatively affected the user experience of Twitter.


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