Next week, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will meet its newest competitor: OnePlus Open

Next week, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will meet its newest competitor: OnePlus Open

This time it’s OnePlus’ turn to enter the foldable phone game. The OnePlus Open phone, which is also known as the first OnePlus foldable phone, will be introduced on October 19 (October 27).

OnePlus foldable is less thick than most other foldable phones and this will make it user-friendly. The second interesting feature of the OnePlus Open is the three-way notification mute button, which we see for the first time in a foldable phone.

Kinder Liuthe president and executive director of OnePlus in an interview with Verge has done, expressed his satisfaction with this foldable phone. Liu believes that OnePlus Open will give users a different experience from a foldable phone.

The executive director of OnePlus says: “We have been thinking about making a foldable phone for a long time. “During the last two years, we have done a lot of research and faced many technical challenges.”

OnePlus has been in no rush to launch a foldable phone, and the company’s CEO says they have learned a lot from Oppo’s foldable phones. Carl Pone of the founders of OnePlus, considers the manufacturers to be the reason why foldable phones are expensive, and according to him, customer needs do not have much impact.

According to Kinder Liu, the foldable phones that are sold in the market do not meet the needs of users. The OnePlus Open foldable phone is lighter and less thick than the foldable phones of other companies such as Samsung. The executive director of OnePlus says: “From the beginning, we did not care about competition and the needs of users are more important to us than competing with other companies.”

The executive director of OnePlus did not mention other specifications such as the price of the OnePlus Open phone. We have to wait until October 27 to know the additional specifications and price of the phone.

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