New feature of Windows 11: improving game performance with artificial intelligence

DLSS and FSR technologies in Nvidia graphics card and AMD graphics card use artificial intelligence to make games run smoother. These technologies see improvements in each generation and it will be interesting to see how Microsoft, which has the upper hand in the field of artificial intelligence, will use such a feature in Windows.

Currently, by activating or deactivating Automatic Super Resolution, nothing special happens and there is no change in the frame rate of games. This feature is currently under development and naturally Microsoft is working on its problems.

Some believe that the new functionality of Windows 11 depends on the neural processing unit (NPU) in processors; But nothing can be confirmed until the official release of the new version of Windows by Microsoft.

To display the Automatic Super Resolution option after installing the ViveTool application, run the Command Prompt section as Administrator and use the CD command to go to the folder containing the ViveTool files; Then type vivetool /enable /id:39695921 /variant:3 and hit enter and finally restart your computer.

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