Do you have an old computer with Windows 11? Change the operating system now

The 24H2 update of Windows 11, which will be released in the fall of 2024, is the first version of this operating system that will no longer run on processors without the POPCNT instruction. This means that personal computers that are 15 years old or older will not be able to run Windows 11.

The next version of Windows 11 specifically needs the processor instruction called POPCNT, which became a standard on processors in the mid-2000s with AMD’s Barcelona architecture, and then on the first generation of Intel’s Core i series processors. In other words, almost all computers that are 15 years old or older do not support this feature.

Currently, many users install and run Windows 11 in different ways on incompatible computers with this operating system; But with the release of the 24H2 update, this OS will no longer boot on such computers.

The next Windows update will be a major upgrade based on a new version of the Windows platform called Germanium. We expect this update to be available to users in September or October 2024 (late September to early November 1403) with various artificial intelligence features.

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