Neo QLED series TVs and Samsung Q series soundbars; The perfect package for filmmakers

Samsung claims a number of its new TVs offer “extraordinary quality and clarity” thanks to its Neo QLED technology. Neo-QLD, developed on top of QLD, has a layer of quantum dots mounted on mini-LEDs. This structure plays a significant role in raising the quality and increasing the details.

To enjoy watching movies and series, it is not enough to have access to a high-quality TV. Samsung and other TV brands also make exciting audio products such as soundbars. Samsung makes Q series soundbars available to its customers to provide an unparalleled experience.

According to Zomit, Samsung produces 8K Neo Kold series TVs with a design called “Infinity One”. In this case, the borders are completely removed and you will be faced with a full-screen TV. Samsung launches Neo Kold series TVs in 55-inch to 85-inch models.

Neo Qold TVs have better brightness and contrast than the previous generation and use quantum mini LED technology to control the background light. Samsung also announces the presence of Quantum Matrix Pro technology (an evolved version of local exposure) in its new TVs. It is thanks to this technology that Neo Qold TVs have a very good contrast.

Samsung says that the 8K Neo Kold series TVs use the Neural Quantum 8K processor with support for image enhancement with the help of artificial intelligence and Real Depth Enhancer. The first technology relies on 20 neural networks to enhance image quality. According to Samsung, this feature is also used for games that are streamed from cloud servers.

On the other hand, Real Depth Enhancer is a multi-intelligence algorithm that improves the contrast in several steps and increases the depth of the image. Real Depth Enhancer separates the subject from the background by increasing the depth of the image.

Samsung’s new Neo QLD TVs also support Shape Adaptive Light. Shape Adaptive Light uses artificial intelligence to control the shape of light production point by point.

Samsung also has the exciting Q series soundbars in the market. In the new generation, these soundbars are wirelessly connected to the TV and benefit from an eye-catching design.

Samsung says the Q series soundbars are equipped with 11.1.4-channel speakers; This means that the products in question have 11 front channels, one subwoofer channel and four volume booster channels. Samsung soundbars support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to deliver 3D sound to your ears.

Q series soundbars are specially compatible with Samsung TVs. The Q-Symphony feature allows you to play the sound from the TV speakers and the soundbar at the same time, so that the surround sound makes you immerse yourself in the environment. Samsung soundbars with SpaceFit Sound + function play the sound compatible with that environment after scanning the room.

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