Asiatec; From the most diverse home internet services to the most complete organizational communication solutions


According to the public relations report of Asiatec Data Transfer Group; This collection is present at the 26th edition of Elcomp exhibition with the latest methods of providing high-speed internet services to home and organizational users, as well as the most complete communication solutions.

Elcamp exhibition will be held from today, July 4th, 1402 to July 7th at Tehran International Exhibition; Those interested in new communication technologies, home users of Internet services, fans of online games, people of the IT industry, and managers of organizations, both in the IT sector and at other management levels, can meet their communication and infrastructure needs by attending the Asiatec booth.

Today, in the field of high-speed Internet services, Asiatec has been able to bring together a complete and diverse set of home Internet services, which include: ADSL2+, TD-LTE, 4G, Internet based on optical fiber (FTTH) and shared wireless (OWA). In addition, the documentation of the “Net Senj” website shows that Asiatec’s internet services have the highest level of quality compared to other operators.

Another part of Asiatek’s services, also known as enterprise communication solutions, includes: dedicated broadband services, data center services (including dedicated server hosting and rental), virtual private network (VPN), enterprise fixed telephone (VoIP) called Asiatel, and SMS. (SMS), virtual server (VPS) and cloud services (Cloud). An interwoven and comprehensive set that can make internal and external organizational needs in other areas, including technology, advertising and communication, stable and dynamic.

Of course, Asiatec’s technological ideas for a better life will not end at this point, just as it has connected culture and technology today with the launch of the “Tamashakhone” collection, it will design and implement new ideas for tomorrow.


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