Multichain platform hack; Watch out for new phishing attacks on Twitter


Hackers targeting blockchain platform Multichain have launched a new phishing attack on Twitter to steal users’ assets.

In a false claim, hackers have told users that they are distributing FTM tokens to them. The tweets in which such a claim is made are being circulated at a high speed. The original tweet has been retweeted many times and bookmarked by some users.

The tweet stated that due to the hack of the Multichain platform, Fantom Foundation decided to distribute the FTM token to users immediately: “All users who have interacted with the FTM chain are eligible.”

According to CoingapHackers have also published a phishing link along with the tweet to encourage users to click on it. In fact, the hackers have identified themselves as the Fantom Foundation. The Fantom Foundation is a non-profit organization and the owner of the Fantom Protocol (FTM).

Last Thursday, the managers of the Multichain platform noticed that the volume of withdrawals increased abnormally; For this reason, they decided to suspend all activities until the root of the problem is found.

By the end of Thursday, $125 million had been stolen from Multichain’s assets. Most of this amount ($122 million) was stolen through Fantom Bridge in the form of wBTC, USDC, USDT and other altcoins.

C.ZThe CEO of Binance said after the hack of Multichain that all the assets of the exchange under his management are safe. He said that Binance had withdrawn all its assets from Multichain some time ago.

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