Microsoft once again admitted: “We lost the war of consoles”


The hearing of the whistleblower case between Microsoft and the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has begun. This court is related to Microsoft’s $68.7 billion contract with Activision, and the FTC is trying to stop it by presenting legal documents, because according to the US regulatory body, the contract in question endangers competition.

In addition to the FTC, Microsoft also faces opposition from British regulators. Since the first outcry against the deal, Microsoft has gone to great lengths to address concerns.

On the first day of court, Microsoft admitted that it had lost the “war of consoles” by referring to its third position.

According to Windows CentralMicrosoft is trying to prove to the court that PlayStation and Nintendo have a much better position in the gaming console market. Xbox entered the market in 2001, and according to Microsoft’s documents, PlayStation and Nintendo are ahead of Xbox by a “significant distance”.

Despite the remarkable success of the Xbox 360 and the increased revenue of the Xbox brand in recent seasons, Microsoft says that the Xbox family of products has always “lost the console war.”

Xbox is one of the “big three” players in the console market, but according to Microsoft’s filings, the brand has consistently ranked third, behind PlayStation and Nintendo. In 2021, the share of Xbox in the market was only 16%, and today the share of this brand reaches 21%.

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