Microsoft CEO: Sony is to blame for games being exclusive

Microsoft CEO: Sony is to blame for games being exclusive


Satya NadellaMicrosoft’s CEO says that he would like to see the end of console exclusive games; But at the same time, he blamed Sony for the current state of the market and competition.

Nadella’s statements were brought up in the court that is centered on the case of the US Federal Trade Commission and Microsoft. Nadella discussed Microsoft’s cloud gaming strategy, the company’s goals in the gaming industry, and more.

According to VergeSatya Nadella says the most ideal situation for Microsoft is to focus on software on as many platforms as possible. He was then asked about Xbox exclusive games, and the Microsoft CEO said: “If it were up to me, I would like to get rid of all console exclusives.”

Microsoft’s CEO added: “But it’s not my job to determine this situation, especially considering that we have a small share of the console market. The top player in the market (Sony) has defined competition in the market by using exclusives, and we live in such a world now; I have no love for such a world.”

Nadella’s statements are raised while it became clear yesterday Jim Ryanthe head of PlayStation, has admitted that exclusive games like Starfield are not meant to be anti-competitive.

Ryan also claimed that game industry publishers believe that the Xbox Game Pass subscription service is “destroying values” and that it is therefore important that Sony invest heavily in the development and publishing of exclusive games. With this, Sony can have an upper hand over Xbox Game Pass.


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