Intel is racing to dominate the computer market with artificial intelligence

Intel’s CEO has been bullish on artificial intelligence-based computers (AI PCs), claiming his company will maintain its dominance in the coming years despite the heating up of competition in the sector.

to report Taiwan Economic DailyIntel held a new press conference in Taipei where, Pat GelsingerCEO of Intel and managers of computer industry giants such as Asus and Acer were present.

The CEO of Intel emphasized that despite the unexpected increase in competition in the PC sector and especially the AI ​​PC sector, how the company will maintain its dominance over this market in the coming years.

It has just been revealed that Nvidia and AMD are planning to release processors based on ARM architecture by 2025 in an effort to break the monopoly created by Intel and Apple.

The competition is not limited here; Because Qualcomm has also become a serious threat to the blue team with the unveiling of the Snapdragon X Elite, which, at least on paper, has entered the laptop and computer market.

Such developments were actually a shock to Intel; But this company is confident in its product portfolio and claims that it is still ahead of its market competitors.

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