Intel is now the top chip maker in the world

Intel is now the top chip maker in the world

The Gartner Research Institute report shows that Intel’s revenue will be around $48.7 billion in 2023 despite a negative growth rate. This figure is significantly higher than Samsung’s revenue of 39.9 billion dollars from the processor and RAM business, which is in the next place.

2023 cannot be considered a booming year for the semiconductor industry; Because Gartner survey results It shows that the overall chip sales last year decreased by about 11% compared to 2022, which was mainly due to the unprecedented recession of the RAM market.

In 2023, the blue team managed to achieve a small victory and take back the first place from Samsung and take the position of the largest chip manufacturing company in the world.

Gartner's table for the revenue of the top chip and RAM companies in the world
Top 10 companies in terms of revenue from the sale of chips (RAM and non-RAM). Numbers are in billions of dollars

Gartner’s report includes revenue from chip designers whose products are typically outsourced or manufactured using their own equipment. Unlike processors, RAM chips are manufactured by several companies other than Intel, and Gartner’s report includes all of them.

TSMC is not included in Gartner’s statistics because the Taiwanese company does not design its own products and only makes chips for its customers.

Complexities in the design of Intel’s advanced processor variants drove Blue Team away from the RAM business in 2022 to sell its DRAM line to SK Hynix. Ironically, this decision was not unreasonable, because as mentioned Ellen PriestleyGartner’s senior analyst, the RAM chip market faces a 37% decline in 2023, which is the worst period in the history of the industry.

After Intel and Samsung, which earned $48.6 and $39.9 billion, respectively, Qualcomm is the third largest chip maker in 2023 with $29 billion in revenue.

In 2023, we saw the brilliance of the green team, which, by focusing on artificial intelligence and increasing the sale of Nvidia graphics cards, was able to reach the fifth place in terms of revenue and profitability, and became one of the few companies with a stunning positive growth rate of 56%. Nvidia was ranked 12th in 2022.

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