Intel CEO: I hope one day we will make processors for AMD

Intel CEO: I hope one day we will make processors for AMD

Pat GelsingerIntel’s CEO, on the sidelines of the IFS Direct Connect ceremony, once again emphasized that the company under his management wants to produce chips for everyone, including its long-time rival AMD.

The Intel Foundry business, which is in charge of making chips for other companies, uses the latest packaging technologies of Blue Team and is always looking for new customers.

Correspondent Toms Hardover “Intel is now offering its processing nodes to some competitors, and sometimes your design teams may be competing directly with companies that are using your own gems,” asked Pat Gelsinger at the IFS Direct Connect event. How do you plan for these situations?”

In response, Gelsinger said that Intel has drawn a clear line between its own products and the Intel Foundry business line, and plans to create a separate legal entity for Intel Foundry this year to provide separate financial reporting: “The goal of the Intel Foundry team is simple: “Fill factories and make chips available to the broadest set of customers on the planet.”

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The CEO of Intel continued his speech and said that he hopes his company will one day make processors for Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Google, and even undertake the task of producing AMD processors alongside Intel processors.

Pat Gelsinger returned to Intel as CEO in 2021 and has since formulated a grand strategy to turn the blue team into “the foundry of the entire world.” Gelsinger has previously emphasized his interest in working with all companies.

At the IFS Direct Connect event, Intel announced that it has signed a multi-billion dollar deal with Microsoft to produce the company’s custom chips.

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