In which countries is iPad Pro cheaper?

In which countries is iPad Pro cheaper?


In the following, the full price of Apple iPad Pros in different countries has been converted into US dollars for easier comparison.

According to the announcement of the website Androidauthority, the price of 11-inch iPad Pro in Japan is cheaper than other countries in the world, and this product will cost you about 589 dollars in the mentioned country. After that, buying an 11-inch iPad Pro in Hong Kong and South Korea is about $717. Thailand and Russia also offer this product at a price lower than $740. Note that the price of this device in Turkey is more than 900 dollars due to the recent fluctuations of the lira.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is sold in Japan for $798 and in Russia and South Korea for $900. The price of this tablet in Thailand and Malaysia is 914 and 952 dollars, respectively.

On the other hand, both iPad Pro models are very expensive in Sweden, New Zealand and Brazil. Brazilians have to pay a lot with the tag of more than 2000 dollars for each of these two tablets.

Of course, the prices presented in this article for iPad Pro are calculated based on the prices of Apple’s official and authorized dealers and retailers. There are other third-party sellers in each country who may offer the iPad Pro at a lower or higher price.

In comparison, the price of iPad Pro 12.9-inch 128GB Wi-Fi is $1,049 on Amazon’s website. Therefore, probably, Brazilian tourists can buy iPad Pro from other countries at a cheaper price, and as a result, it will be cost-effective for them to buy this device.


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