Honor adds artificial intelligence directly to its phones

Honor adds artificial intelligence directly to its phones


Honor, a former subsidiary of Huawei, is exploring the idea of ​​adding large phone models to smartphones. Zhao MingHonor’s CEO said at the Shanghai Mobile World Congress 2023 that smartphones have become the epitome of computing systems, communication technologies, display technologies and artificial intelligence platforms and basically provide all kinds of services in one place.

Ming said the rapid development of artificial intelligence and communication technologies has ushered in a new era of innovation in the mobile industry to create endless opportunities. Honor is committed to taking advantage of these opportunities and continuously improving the capabilities of smartphones.

According to Ming, Honor is actively adding AI to various services and will likely eventually bring large language models directly into its devices.

Referring to the evolution of communication technologies from 1G to 5G in the last five decades and reducing the boundary between the physical and digital worlds, Honor CEO said he and his team members are committed to optimizing the way information is communicated to provide an exciting user experience. He also announced that Honor will soon hold a conference in Beijing to unveil the Honor Magic V2 foldable flagship phone.


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