Huawei bypassed US sanctions: 5G chip production relying on the knowledge of Chinese experts

Huawei has been dealing with severe US sanctions for four years. This company in 2019 means when Donald Trump He was the president of the United States, entered the black list of the Ministry of Commerce of this country, and Huawei sanctions increased over time.

Under the sanctions, US companies cannot sell hardware and software to the company without obtaining official permission, and the US government rejects most requests to do business with Huawei.

Sanctions have cut off Huawei’s access to 5G processors, and in days when even mid-range phones have 5G modems, the company is making its phones available with 4G modems.

news agency Reuters In a report quoted by three research institutes, it is written that Huawei will probably return to the 5G chip market this year. Apparently, this company has succeeded in developing its desired 5G chip in cooperation with the Chinese company SMIC based on N+1 lithography (7nm class) and EDA software.

Some experts say that SMIC’s N+1 lithography can be compared with other companies’ seven-nanometer lithography in terms of energy consumption and stability; But N+1 is basically not considered 7nm.

Informed sources say that the efficiency rate of Huawei’s new 5G chip is supposed to be below 50%. Probably, this company will initially produce two to four million 5G chips and then increase the production volume to 10 million units. The first Huawei phone with the new 5G chip will arrive before the end of 2023.

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