How much have Farsi-speaking users welcomed Trades?

How much have Farsi-speaking users welcomed Trades?


The many issues that happened to Twitter in recent months and the restrictions that Elon Musk created for users of this social network made Mark Zuckerberg take advantage of the opportunity to launch a new social network that is text-oriented and similar to Twitter.

Although the launch of a social network similar to Twitter was part of Meta’s plans for a long time, and this company planned to launch its own text-based social network after Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., but the events that happened after Elon Musk took over Twitter. It fell for this social network, causing it to introduce Twitter’s meta-competitor “Treads” as quickly as possible.

It was Thursday last week (July 15) that “Treads” was introduced as a social network belonging to Instagram and invited many users who were thinking of leaving Twitter to create an account in this new social network. An invitation that was warmly welcomed by users; So that after 16 hours from the start of Trades, the number of users exceeded 30 million.

Given that Threads is affiliated with Instagram and has the support of Meta behind it, it had an easier time gaining an audience than other Twitter competitors, such as Mastadon and Bluesky. This was the reason why Meta’s new social network reached the record of 100 million users in less than five days after its introduction.

Tradez has also found many users in Iran. Although this social network was filtered at the very beginning of its global launch and launch for users with Iranian IP, just as filtering did not prevent Iranians from being on Instagram, the filtering of Trades also could not stop Iranian users from joining this social network.

Lifeweb, the virtual space monitoring and monitoring system, has published the first statistics about the Farsi-speaking users of the nascent social network Trades and provided it to Zomit. Lifeweb’s report shows that 40% of Persian-language Instagram pages with more than 500,000 followers have joined Trades.

In addition, statistics related to Iranian Instagram pages that have more than 3 million followers show that almost half of these pages have joined the social network Trades and created an account there.

The LifeWeb report has more detailed data. The findings of this report show that among the Instagram pages with more than 3 million followers that have joined the trend, 45% are celebrities, 15% are influencers, and 9% are people active in the field of entertainment.

Also, 8% of this number belong to pages that operate in the field of modeling, fashion and beauty; 7% are activists and media people. Also, 5% of these pages with more than three million followers who have joined the thread are related to the educational category.

The share of pages active in the field of sports and fitness is 4% and pages belonging to the cultural, artistic and literary categories are 3%. Instagram pages active in the fields of music and dance, religion and politicians each have 1 percent of this share.

Although the text-centricity of Twitter and Threads puts the two platforms in competition with each other, the head of Instagram says, “We don’t want to replace Threads with Twitter.” Some Twitter users also believe that this social network cannot take the place of Twitter, and of course, others believe that Tradez, because it does not have the limitations of Twitter and is dependent on Instagram, can cause a decrease in users and their use of Twitter.

Where do you stand in the fight between Twitter and Twitter? Write us in the comments section if you have joined Trades? What do you think about this new social network? Has Twitter made you use Twitter less? In the meantime, if you would like to follow Zomit’s page on Trades.


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