How to put iPhone or iPad into recovery mode?

How to put iPhone or iPad into recovery mode?

Whether it’s because of the high build quality or long software support, usually Apple devices from iPhone to iPad have a long life; Despite this, nothing is perfect and even the products of this company sometimes face problems. In this case, one of the ways to get your Apple device working again is to use recovery mode Is. In this article, we will discuss how to enter this mode in different Apple phones and iPads.

What is recovery mode?

When facing serious software issues on your iPhone or iPad, you can turn off the mode recovery (Recovery) used to repair them; When entering this mode, the user has two options:

  • Update: Downloads the latest version of iOS and tries to fix the problems in iOS using the update process. This option leaves the user data intact.
  • Restore: downloads the latest version of iOS; But in the meantime, all user data deletes.

In most cases, it is better to start with Update option You don’t need to delete all data unless you have to, but if this option doesn’t work, there’s no other way but to use Restore option And Destroy data do not have one.

The first thing to do to access any of the update or restore options is to put your iPhone or iPad into recovery mode. Entering this mode is different in different devices; That is why we have mentioned each of them separately.

Enter recovery mode on iPhone 8 and newer

All iPhones produced After 2017, they use the same method to enter the recovery mode. The models compatible with this method until September 2023 are as follows:

To enter the recovery mode in these models, proceed as follows:

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