How to create multiple user profiles on Android

How to create multiple user profiles on Android

important things:

  • Android supports multiple user profiles that allow users to share devices without interfering with each other; Like having multiple devices in one device.
  • Adding a new user profile on Android is like setting up a new device with apps, settings, wallpaper, and more. Enable the “User Multiple Users” option and follow the setup process.
  • Device performance may be affected as the number of users increases, and the number of apps installed per profile can degrade phone performance. Keep this in mind when creating multiple profiles on your device.
  • With Android’s support for multiple user profiles, you can share your Android device with other people without worrying about interference.

    What is the purpose of Android user profile?

    People who have already used a shared Windows system are familiar with creating an Android user profile. Each person has their own settings, programs and login.

    Android devices have a similar feature for this purpose that many people might confuse with creating a user profile. This concept is more than adding a second Google account next to the main account; Rather, it has a completely different profile with apps, settings, background image, and the like. Like having two devices in one. When you add a new profile, you’re literally going through the entire process of setting up a new device.

    However, the weakness that exists is the performance, as the number of users on the phone increases, its performance decreases. The more apps you install in each profile, the worse the performance will be. If you plan to set up a new profile for all family members on the tablet, keep this in mind.

    Create a user profile in Android

    To get started, swipe down once or twice from the top of the screen to open the Quick Settings panel, then tap the gear icon.

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