How to draw a funnel chart in Excel

How to draw a funnel chart in Excel

Repeat the color selection process for the other bars until the graph looks like the image on the left. Now your professional funnel chart is ready to serve. Also, you can change its appearance or even delete it if needed by right-clicking on the vertical axis on which the name of each step is displayed.

How to draw a funnel chart in old Excel

While drawing a funnel chart with the internal method of Excel 2019 and Microsoft 365 is not complicated and you just have to select it through the menu and provide raw data for it, drawing a funnel chart in old Excel due to the lack of Funnel Chart option in those versions It’s a bit complicated and has more steps that can be easily achieved with a little creativity. Of course, with this method in Excel 2019, you can also draw a funnel chart, which allows you to customize more and you will have a better final result.

In the continuation of the step-by-step tutorial on drawing a funnel diagram in old Excels, we will follow. The Excel version used in the training is Excel 2013.

first stage: Basically, a manual funnel chart is drawn in Excel by combining the center-axis stacked bar chart. But before we start creating and drawing the graph itself, we need to put together additional data.

To begin with, we need to add another column to the raw data as a “distance” so that the funnel plot looks just right. So, as in the picture, we need to create a column between the two data columns and name it “distance”. In this column, dummy values ​​are supposed to be entered to create the final shape of the funnel chart bars and the original data is directed to the center of the chart.

second stage: Then we will copy the following formula and we will add from the second cell of the distance column i.e. cell B3 to the bottom (here cell B6).

Every cell where we put this formula, change the value of C3 based on the cell number so that the correct number is calculated.

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