US President: Elon Musk spreads misleading news

It seems that the opposition of the government Joe Biden and X, the social network Elon MuskIt is going to enter a new phase.

In a new interview, in response to the question, “What does he think about the X social network and what actions do he think Elon Musk has taken so far to deal with false information?”, Biden said: “Recently, there have been fundamental changes in the way people get information. I observe.”

The President of the United States quipped to Elon Musk: “Some people do interviews and don’t have a clue if what they’re saying is true or not.”

According to the report coinpageSupporters of the CEO of Tesla believe that Joe Biden is unhappy with the influence of this social network since he sold Twitter to Elon Musk and turned it into X. Since becoming the leader of X, Musk has always emphasized his commitment to freedom of speech, and this has made American citizens more courageous to publish news.

Apparently, the current American government is afraid of the possible influence of Elon Musk and his media on the future elections of the United States; Because a large number of American people accept the news published on this social network more than the news of the mainstream media.

Elon Musk has proven by influencing the cryptocurrency field that he can bring people with him if he wants to; But it is not clear whether his emphasis on freedom of expression and the complete restructuring of the X platform will increase the profitability of this social network or not.

What is your opinion, Zomit users, about Elon Musk’s behavior on X social network?

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