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A product manager should be able to provide users with a functional product by combining the organization’s strategies and customer needs. The challenges of a product manager in customer needs assessment, idea generation, team coordination, launching and testing are only part of a product manager’s concern. However, the dream of many is to work in this job position.

In order to get to know more about the challenges of a product manager and to know his concerns, we had a chat with a lady product manager of Carbled and heard about their concerns. Mrs. Fatemeh Abdul Karimi, product manager Hello They gave us the opportunity to have this conversation.

Fatemeh Abdul Karimi was born in 1366 in Qom city, she has been living in Baslam for more than six years and she has been working as a product manager for 5 years. His education has been completed in the undergraduate course of accounting and master’s degree with MBA.

Deep life experiences in sports

To begin with, we asked them to tell us about their career paths before saying hello. Fatemeh Abdul Karimi started like this with a smile on her face:

According to one of my friends, people’s lived experience has an impact on their lifestyle in the years to come. I also started playing sports at the age of 13 and became a professional volleyball player at the age of 16. Through sports, I was attracted to the Red Crescent Club. To enter the Red Crescent Club, I had to pass the first aid courses and I did that. Since we were athletes and had high physical fitness, we were always at the forefront of Red Crescent missions.

On the other hand, I was always in volleyball league sports. Participating in different competitions, getting to know people from different cities and different cultures, repeated wins and losses, falls and injuries, bitter failures, sweet wins, all of these showed me living in different dimensions and made me grow. All these challenges made my perspective wide and the scope of my vision became as wide as Iran.

First project management experience

I had my first product management experience at the age of 16. I had given the school the idea of ​​holding a physics seminar to be held at the provincial level and hosted by our own school. That’s why all the work was entrusted to me. I advanced ideation, decision-making and implementation from zero to one hundred. Also, in the year I was doing my master’s course, I was invited to the Red Crescent to hold training courses and compile training books. Planning, chaptering, content, editing and even the design of these books was with me along with a team of 5 people. This project was a product management course in every sense.

The experience of job positions before Baslam

We asked Ms. Abdul Karimi about her work experience before Baslam. For several years, I spent all my time and energy volunteering in the Red Crescent. I was not looking for money at all. I coached volleyball for several years. Sometimes I also did accounting work for different companies. Of course, when I decided to go abroad for further education, I needed to replenish my bank account. That’s why I started an advertising agency. Through the advertising office, I met Mr. Mohaddisi, and then I met him.

Because of working in Baslam, I stopped studying abroad

We had reached the critical point of the interview. We would like to know more about the connection between Fatimah Abdul Karimi and Baslam. We sharpened our ears well so as not to miss anything. Fatemeh continued as follows: The key words that were filled in my mind due to my presence in the Red Crescent were the country – the people – Iran. Now all these were considered valuable in Baslam. That is why I offered cooperation to Mohammad Reza. It was May 1995 when I entered Baslam. I would like that if I am going to do something stupid, it should be in Iran. For this reason, I decided to study abroad even though I had taken the TOEFL and consulted with various universities abroad.

In the first two years of my work at Baslam, I was responsible for business growth, increasing sales, attracting and retaining users. We had to grow Baslam from an absolute zero. First, we created a Telegram channel and tried to start this work and form a community with the help of the exhibitors themselves. At that time, the police market model was not known in Iran and we had to introduce the Iranian people to this buying and selling model. It was hard work and we worked day and night in Baslam and with creative campaigns and advertisements we made Baslam grow rapidly.

The product will be launched

We asked Ms. Abdul Karimi about her position as a product manager, and what is the difference between being a product manager in Baslam and this job in other businesses? Mrs. Karimi took a deep breath and said: When we decided to implement the product model in Baslam, there was no similar product model in Iran. By studying and researching similar foreign models, we were able to place the product in Baslam. We were among the first in Iran and with all our incompetence we had to constantly experiment.

The most attractive product launched in Baslam?

We asked, what was the best and most attractive product you developed in Baslam? The first product we launched was referral, but the most attractive product was chat. The customer and the exhibitor had to be in contact with each other. Although it was a high risk, we made this product available to them.

How prominent is the role of Baslam residents in product development?

We asked Ms. Karimi how effective communication with exhibitors is in the design and development of Baslam products. A community was formed in Baslam from the very beginning. At that time, we took help from our users to grow our business, and we are still in constant contact with users. We contact 10,000 to 14,000 exhibitors every month through a questionnaire and listen to them so that we can have a detailed and up-to-date understanding of their needs. The product roadmap is filled with these updated needs, and in this way, we know the needs and issues more precisely according to the business needs.

We asked Fatemeh if you faced a challenge to think about leaving Baslam. Fatemeh continued the conversation with deep sadness: I unfortunately lost my mother two years ago. The most bitter event in my life was the loss of my mother. My mother was the most precious blessing I had. It took only 20 days from the beginning of the disease to his farewell. The day I found out about his illness, I didn’t care about losing my life, work and youth because of it. That’s why in those stressful days, I left Baslam without getting permission to take leave and put all my energy and focus on my mother’s treatment. I was not ready to answer any business phone.

Home management challenges

We asked the female product manager to tell us about home management and what are the difficulties of combining the responsibilities of a woman at home with the work of a product manager and how does she balance them? After the death of my mother, the management of the house suddenly fell on my shoulders. It was very difficult for me at first. It was both home work and work at Baslam. In this situation, my manager, colleagues and teammates tolerated me.

During this time, I learned not to do all the housework by myself and to get help from my family. On the other hand, I have tried to manage my work time so as not to waste time at home. If I proceed according to schedule, everything is fine. But when the order of my plans gets messed up, my performance drops drastically.

Security in Baslam

We asked about the job security and mental peace of Baslami women? The smile returned to Fatimah’s face and she answered: A healthy culture is a healthy culture that originates from the culture of its founder. Baslam is looking for the value that each of the forces is concerned about, regardless of any opinion or opinion. This is why people in Baslam are all looking for the same goal and work together without judging.

Definition of a line. Hello

Baslam is a platform that has a collective benefit. Everyone who walks in this platform creates value that causes collective benefit. Creating value in Baslam is a kind of blessing. Barkat can be an introduction between two exhibitors and the formation of working relationships. It can be an acquaintance between an exhibitor and a customer or even an acquaintance between two customers.

The sparkle in Mrs. Fatemeh’s eyes while talking about Baslam and her exhibitors showed that her goal was genuine. Although we would have loved to sit with Mrs. Abdul Karimi’s warm talks for hours, our conversation had come to an end. For Fatima and the valuable goal she has and for all The people of Baslam From the founder and employee to the exhibitor and customer, we wish pride, prosperity and blessings to all the people of Iran.

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