Apple is likely to make an iPhone with a rollable display instead of a folding one

A number of major smartphone companies have turned to producing devices with foldable screens, and now a new patent from Apple suggests that the company may be taking a different route. Apple’s patent refers to an electronic device equipped with a rollable display, which was filed last October and published on July 13.

Apple’s rollable iPhone display will use a protective layer of glass that thins locally to make it easier to move around the rollable part. The Cupertino-based tech giant notes in the patent’s description that the glass layer is used to prevent the panel from being deformed and damaged when it comes into contact with the user’s finger, pen, and other objects.

One of the important reasons for the widespread non-acceptance of folding devices is the durability of the display of these products; Because even the latest and greatest foldable electronic products are still much weaker than standard smartphones in terms of screen durability.

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