Home of Netflix; The imaginary atmosphere of movies and series enters the real world

Home of Netflix;  The imaginary atmosphere of movies and series enters the real world

Netflix plans to open new brick-and-mortar stores where people can immerse themselves in the world of their favorite TV shows, buy clothes, eat movie-themed food, or even participate in a Squid Game.

to report Bloombergthe largest movie and series streaming platform in the world wants to launch a chain of stores called “Netflix House” in order to entertain people with their own content, such as contests and games based on the movies of the day, in addition to selling a variety of goods such as clothes and food.

Currently, not many details of the Netflix project are known; Including where the permanent stores will be set up. The first two branches of Netflix House are expected to open in the United States in 2025, followed by various branches worldwide.

Josh Simon“We’ve realized how much fans love to immerse themselves in the world of movies and TV shows, and we’ve been thinking about how we can create a better experience,” said Netflix’s chief product officer in an interview with Bloomberg.

In the past years, Netflix has launched 40 exciting temporary shows in 20 cities around the world; But Netflix’s home will be the company’s first permanent location. The launch of Netflix Home shows an increased focus on marketing and creating a better experience for customers.

Media companies use consumer products such as clothing and toys to promote fictional characters and generate additional revenue. This is brand new for Netflix; A company that was always accused by producers of television programs and films of inappropriate and insufficient marketing. Therefore, executives view Netflix Home more as a way to promote products than as a meaningful source of revenue.

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