Reading scientific news can be as beneficial to your mental health as religion

If you haven’t been visiting Zoomit’s scientific news on a daily basis, now you have a completely new reason to do so; Because scientists have found that surprising scientific news can have a positive effect on how you feel.

A newly published paper covering three studies examines that How do people see science as similar to religious spirituality? And how is this attitude related to their health? the doctor Jesse Preston“Spirituality is often associated with religion,” says the study’s lead author. But science can also be a powerful source of wonder for many people. “Science can be a meaningful source for understanding ourselves and the world and strengthen our sense of connection with others and our place in the world.”

In the last three researches, 1197 people were examined and in the first study, the “spirituality of science” was proved as a concept. The participants were asked about their feelings when engaging with science (such as wonder, connection, and meaning) and their attitudes and beliefs toward science and religion.

The researchers found that the spirituality of science is associated with a sense of wonder and general spirituality; In a way that can be psychologically similar to religious spirituality. The second study was conducted with the aim of discovering this issue. By examining 526 atheists and agnostics, researchers found that the spirituality of science can actually determine people’s mental health (such as the feeling of happiness and that life is meaningful); Just like what religious spirituality does for some people.

The recent findings of researchers have rejected their previous belief about the psychological impact of religious spirituality versus non-religious spirituality. According to Preston, previous research has emphasized that religious beliefs generally have a positive effect on people’s mental health, and that non-religious people may experience poorer mental health. He adds: “Recent research proves that sources of spirituality outside of religion (such as science) can have similar positive effects.”

The spirituality of science can have a positive effect on the way it is taught and learned. In their third study, the research team examined how meaningful experiences with science affect the interaction and memory retrieval of scientific information and found an interesting finding in this field. “People who had a more spiritual sense of science engaged with science in a more positive way, and this led to better scientific performance,” says Preston.

Science and religion may sometimes have differences; But this study shows that the two have more in common than people think. In the conclusion of his talk, Preston says: “Science and religion are different in many ways; But they have spiritual capacity through the sense of wonder and coherence and meaning in life. As this research has shown, this spiritual capacity has important benefits and consequences.

The results of the study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin It has been published.

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