Hero elevator hydraulic elevator is suitable for these buildings!

Hero elevator hydraulic elevator is suitable for these buildings!

Advantages of hydraulic elevators

Hydraulic elevators have many advantages over other types of elevators that make them a suitable option for installation in residential buildings or other places. In the following, we have mentioned the most important advantages of installing and operating hydraulic elevators.

Hydraulic elevators can easily move heavy loads with their high capacity. The high hydraulic force in these elevators enables the movement of several users and heavy objects.

  • Precise and controlled movement

Hydraulic elevators have a precise and controlled movement due to the use of control valves. These valves are controlled by the central electronic system or the steering panel, and the speed of the cabin can be controlled and adjusted with them. Also, the cabin is precisely leveled with the floor when stopped.

Hydraulic elevators have a variety of models and can have a wide range of applications. In addition to residential and commercial buildings, these systems are also used in multi-storey parking lots, construction projects, warehouses, factories and production facilities, etc.

  • Save space

Hydraulic elevators are often designed and manufactured in such a way that they are compact and can save building space. In this case, these systems can be installed and operated in small spaces. This advantage is especially useful in workshops and factories that have limited space.

  • Durability and reliability

Hydraulic elevators have high durability and reliability. If these systems are properly maintained, they can work and last for years without special problems. This advantage makes hydraulic lifters a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Hydraulic elevators have high safety due to their special structure. In these systems, like other types of elevators, various types of safety equipment are used. Also, the presence of jacks under and beside the cabin prevents it from falling suddenly. In this case, their safety increases compared to other elevators. In hydraulic elevators, it is easier to rescue users trapped in the cabin. Because it does not require an expert to lower the cabin that is stuck, and an ordinary person can also move the cabin down by opening the hydraulic valve.

  • No need for an engine room on top of the building

Hydraulic lifts do not need to build an engine room on top of the building due to their different structure. In these systems, the engine room can be built on the lowest floor and even a few meters away from the well.

  • Less steps to prepare the installation site

Installing hydraulic lifts requires less site preparation. In these systems, there is no need to build thick walls and columns. Also, these systems do not need to dig holes. In addition, due to the lack of a counterweight, there is no need to demolish a part of the building to install and place the counterweight.

Compared to traction models, hydraulic lifts usually have a lower price, in which case they are more suitable for employers who do not have a large budget.

  • Smooth movement

Hydraulic elevators move smoothly and produce very little noise. Therefore, users do not feel much vibration and noise when riding in the cabin.

  • Easier service and maintenance

Service and maintenance of hydraulic elevators is easier compared to traction elevators. Also, their parts are of higher quality and more durable.

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