Screws and dowels of the facade of the building and the culprit of the stone fall – Mihan Rappel

Screws and dowels of the facade of the building and the culprit of the stone fall – Mihan Rappel

The facade is an important part of every building, which plays a very effective role in providing visual and practical aspects and giving the building its identity. The first item that is considered in the introduction of a building is its facade. This is while the most damage that is done to different buildings over time is directed at its facade; Because this part is constantly exposed to harmful environmental factors and various pollutants. These factors can affect the beauty and strength of the facade of the building. Due to the fact that the facade of most of today’s buildings is made of stone material, it is possible to strengthen the facade by using dowel screws. Join us to examine how to strengthen the facade using dowel screws.

Who is to blame for the collapse of the facade?

According to the law of stone falling on the facade of the building, the destruction of this part of any building is a natural thing in the long run and it is impossible to prevent the destruction of the facade. Even the best and most high-quality facade stone will suffer dandruff and fall in the long run due to the destructive effect of environmental pollutants, acid rain and expansion and contraction. Although it is not possible to prevent the destruction of the facade; But it is possible to maintain the strength and beauty of the facade to a considerable extent by using new methods. The most important factor that is considered in preventing the facade from falling is the security of people who are traveling.

If the fall of facade stone causes personal or financial damage to people for any reason, the owner of the building who has been negligent in repairing the facade or strengthening it is to blame. Meanwhile, these problems can be prevented by using the usual methods to increase the resistance of the facade. Although financial losses can be compensated in such cases; But the loss of life cannot be compensated easily. Therefore, making the facade resistant by using Screws and dowels It is considered as an engineering method in the implementation of construction projects.

What is a dowel screw?

Stone facade screws and dowels are a specialized process that increases the quality and durability of the building facade, especially stone facades, without affecting the beauty of the facade or increasing the dead load of the building. Strengthening the facade using screws or dowels is not a complicated process. What is considered in this method is how to do it. In recent years, scaffolding was used to perform any construction operation in the facade, while these days the use of rappel has replaced scaffolding and has many advantages.

After screwing, the facade is fixed in place and will not fall again. Finally, the screws are covered with putty or the same color as the stone and are not easily seen. The dowel screw is done after finishing the work of the facade or when a part of the stone has fallen, and in any case, it prevents the destruction of the stone facade and its fall.

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