GTA 6 will be the most expensive game ever

GTA 6 will be the most expensive game ever

Reports claim that Tikto Interactive is making GTA 6 with a budget of two billion dollars, and if this claim is true, then GTA 6 is the most expensive game in history. to report Watcher GuruRockstar Games may announce the price of the game beyond what we expect to recover the heavy budget.

It is said that GTA 6 will be released at a price of 150 dollars. This guess is not far off; Big and famous games have recently faced price increases. If the new claim turns out to be true, other studios will also release their big games at prices close to $150.

Rockstar Games has not confirmed the $150 price of GTA 6, nor the two billion dollar budget; However, such numbers do not seem surprising for a game as big as GTA 6.

Rockstar Games will likely make $1 billion on the first day of GTA 6’s release in 2025. This game is available for PlayStation and Xbox.

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