Apple captured the mobile market; Top 5 ranks held by iPhone, Samsung in sixth place

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 are in seventh and tenth place. This is the first year that the Pro Max version of the iPhone occupies the first place in the supply volume, which shows the movement and tendency of the market towards premium and more expensive phones.

Galaxy A14, Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A14 5G are the three Samsung phone models that had the largest volume of supply in 2023.

Apple phones are very popular in the Chinese market and it was previously reported that the American technology giant has become the top mobile brand in the Chinese market (in terms of volume of supply) and has managed to overcome strong competitors such as Honor and Xiaomi.

Despite the fact that the price of the iPhone, especially in the Pro and Pro Max models, is usually more expensive than the price of other phones, users all over the world have shown great interest in the iPhone and other Apple products, and the outlook for this company seems brighter than ever.

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