Google’s plan in 2024 was determined; Special attention to Pixel phones

Google’s plan in 2024 was determined;  Special attention to Pixel phones

Sundar Pichai He revealed the ambitious goals of Google and announced that the company will invest in its big priorities in 2024. These priorities mainly range from artificial intelligence and Google users to enterprise platforms.

The Verge website The Google CEO’s note has been obtained and the details of the company’s seven important goals in 2024 have been described:

  • Development of the most advanced, safe and responsible artificial intelligence
  • Improving knowledge, learning, creativity and productivity
  • Building the best personal computing platforms and devices
  • Empowering organizations and developers to innovate on Google Cloud
  • Providing the most reliable products and platforms in the world
  • Rebuilding the company in a way that is useful for Google’s audience and the world
  • Improving the speed, efficiency and productivity of the company and providing the most lasting methods to save costs
  • Not surprisingly, AI tops the list. Jumnai Ultra AI is getting closer to release. At the time of its 1.0 release in December, Google has been working on subsequent versions as well.

    A very important point in Google’s 2024 goals is to add generative AI features that are actually useful. For example, working with the Duet AI app is much more straightforward than its counterpart, the SGE app.

    Another important goal of Google, which is to build the best platforms and personal computing devices, undoubtedly refers to the Android operating system and the Chrome browser. To improve the Android experience, Google has tried to make a device like the iPhone, whose hardware and software work seamlessly together. The Google phone family has experienced significant growth; But it still has a long way to go to compete with the elders.

    Meanwhile, the tech giant should introduce a new platform this year with an augmented reality version of Android, namely Android XR.

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    Building secure products and platforms seems interesting to Google; Because the products of this company usually do not last long. Google Cloud is the only brand that is explicitly mentioned in Google’s goals, which speaks of its close competition with Microsoft and Amazon in this field.

    It remains to be seen how Google’s internal goals about making the company more efficient, such as improving the speed, efficiency and productivity of the company, will affect the amount of layoffs. By reducing the size of the company and reducing its complexity and bureaucracy, Google may be able to act faster in providing products or features and achieve the best possible result for itself.

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