Google, the exemplar of technology industry monopoly, accused Microsoft of monopoly

Google, which has been repeatedly accused of monopolistic behavior by American and European regulators, has now pointed the finger of criticism at Microsoft and has called this Redmond giant a monopolistic company. Google says that this monopolistic behavior is related to the cloud computing market, and Microsoft does not let customers go to competitors with unfair licenses.

According to CNBCGoogle’s comments follow a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) request for comment on any monopolistic behavior in the cloud computing industry. A spokesperson for the FTC declined to respond to media requests for further clarification.

Google says that Microsoft, through the popular services of Windows Server and Office, makes its customers not go to the competing services of the Azure cloud infrastructure. Google has called Microsoft’s licensing restrictions a “complex web” that prevents businesses from diversifying their enterprise software.

According to Google, Microsoft’s excessive control over the cloud services market is a threat to national security and cyber security. The company cited successful cyber attacks on Microsoft products, including the SolarWinds data breach.

Google’s claims come as the US Justice Department launched a second antitrust complaint against Google in early 2023 to target the company’s advertising business. The first case of this ministry during the presidency Donald Trump opened, accusing Google of monopolization to eliminate competition in the search engine market. The hearing of that case will be held at the end of summer.

In addition to the lawsuits from the US Department of Justice, Google is grappling with three other major cases that focus on the company’s advertising business.

In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, Google criticized Oracle as well as Microsoft. According to Google, Microsoft and Oracle are limiting choices and increasing the bottom line for customers.

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