8 golden tips to increase the life of the air conditioner

8 golden tips to increase the life of the air conditioner


The air conditioner has two modes, AUTO and ON. In the ON mode, your cooler fan will run continuously, even when the compressor is not on. This causes a lot of pressure on the cooler. When you set your air conditioner to AUTO mode, it detects the ambient temperature and then automatically maintains the ambient temperature at the set temperature.

In other words, in AUTO mode, your air conditioner will shut off after reaching the temperature set by the thermostat. Finally, the automatic mode will help to reduce the load and ultimately increase the average life of your cooler unit.

7- Make the cooling system smart

With a smart controller for your air conditioner, you can manage and control the air conditioner using your smartphone, no matter where you are, as long as you have Wi-Fi. Additionally, depending on the manufacturer and model, smart air conditioning controls can come with additional features such as weekly scheduling or location-based controls, among many others.

But the main features that help you keep your air conditioner consumption optimal are temperature and humidity control. You can set your smart controller to maintain a certain temperature or humidity range, and once that is achieved, air conditioning usage will gradually decrease. The fan settings are also automatically changed down and the compressor consumption is adjusted.

You can also monitor the condition of your air conditioner filter, check its maintenance and get notified whenever it needs to be changed.

All of these ensure that the air conditioner is not operating at maximum capacity, thereby increasing its average lifespan.

8- Improve the insulation of your home

For air conditioning to work effectively, insulation plays an important role. Although the air conditioner provides comfortable air, insulation prevents it from escaping from your home. For this reason, during the service, you should check whether your insulation needs to be upgraded or not.

Poor insulation will lead to air loss. Instead, your air conditioner must turn on and off frequently, making your air conditioner work harder. This puts more pressure on the various components of the cooler, including the motor and compressor. As a result, your maintenance costs will increase and the average life of the air conditioner unit will decrease.

A summary of increasing the lifespan of the air conditioner

By choosing a skilled person for regular maintenance, changing the filter in time, using accessories such as a fan to reduce the pressure on the air conditioner, and using the automatic mode, the life of the air conditioner can be increased.

The said methods do not need to spend a lot of money and you can do almost all of them yourself at home. Air conditioning systems are advertised with a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years; But without proper care, its life can be greatly reduced and it becomes necessary to spend a lot of money to buy a new cooler. To buy an air conditioner, you can read the guide for buying an air conditioner and introduce the best models.

By following the methods mentioned above, it can be ensured that the average life of a cooler is 15 to 20 years in total and in some cases even more.


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