Google Bard is now available for teenagers; But with safety restrictions

Google Bard is now available for teenagers;  But with safety restrictions

Bard, Google’s conversational artificial intelligence chatbot, will be available for teenagers from today (Thursday, November 25); This version of the chatbot is trained to prevent this group of users from being exposed to illegal or age-restricted content.

When teenagers ask Bard a fact-based question for the first time, Google’s artificial intelligence tries to determine whether the content on the Internet is sufficient to answer that question by performing a second search using the Double-Check Response feature.

according to Google statementBard always actively encourages its younger users to use the Double-Check Response feature to, according to Google, “develop their information literacy and critical thinking skills.” Another goal is to raise awareness of how large linguistic models (LLMs) generate misinformation.

A “tailor-made introductory experience” also allows teenagers to Google Artificial Intelligence Literacy Guide sends; A video with “tips on how to use generative artificial intelligence responsibly” and “an overview of how to use Bard usage history”; For this part, Google has consulted with child safety experts to prioritize their safety.

The search engine giant’s chatbot can help its new users generate ideas, find different hobbies and solve daily problems; For example, Bard can give them writing tips, suggestions for college applications, or even how to learn a new sport.

There is also the ability to explain complex concepts conversationally with the aim of enhancing learning. Other new Bard features include creating step-by-step solutions for typed or uploaded mathematical equations and creating graphs from input data.

As mentioned earlier, a special bard for teenagers, from Thursday for those residents Supported countries That old enough For personal management, they have their own Google account and their default language is English, it will be activated; Other languages ​​will be added gradually.

Unfortunately, until the writing of this article, it is not possible to access Bard’s chatbot with Iran’s IP address.

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