Analysts’ prediction: The processor market will experience significant growth in 2024

Research and consulting company IDC In a new reportpresented its vision of the semiconductor market in September and predicted a 20.2% growth compared to the previous year for 2024, which is partly related to the increase in demand from the American market.

While global revenue from the processor and semiconductor industries is expected to decline from $598 billion in 2022 to $526.5 billion in 2023, IDC believes that in addition to resilience in the US market, increased demand from server manufacturers Artificial intelligence and consumer devices will help the market grow to $6.33 billion by 2024.

The inventory of personal computers and smartphones is expected to return to normal in the second half of 2024; Because the continued electrification of manufacturing equipment will reignite semiconductor production over the next decade.

The report states that the introduction of personal computers and smartphones that use artificial intelligence next year, in addition to improving the average selling price of storage memory and RAM, will also lead to an increasing need for semiconductors between 2024 and 2026.

Although processor pricing will remain flat next year, capital expenditures are expected to recover through the second half of 2024, IDC says; Because revenue streams match final demand, and US regional incentives boost investment throughout the supply chain.

In August, about a year after the signing of the new law by the US, it was announced that more than 460 companies have expressed interest in obtaining subsidized funds in the semiconductor industry.

The semiconductor market has reached its price floor and has started to grow seasonally. Mario Morales“Average selling prices in the RAM segment are improving, which is a good early indicator, and IDC expects suppliers to continue to control capacity additions and utilization rates for sustained recovery,” said IDC’s vice president of semiconductors.

Increasing demand for servers and consumer devices based on artificial intelligence will increase semiconductor production in 2024-2026, which will create a new upgrade cycle among companies. “We expect AI processors to account for about $200 billion of semiconductor revenue by the end of the forecast period,” he said.

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