Get to know the strangest gadgets in the world

Get to know the strangest gadgets in the world


HushMe was designed in 2017 as a solution to protect people’s privacy. At first glance, it seems like an interesting idea; A device that prevents others from listening to your voice when you make a phone call in a public space and the conversation remains completely private.

HushMe connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and you have to put it around your mouth like a mask and talk through the connected headphones. In fact, that’s all HushMe has to do; But unfortunately, it is said that this device could not fulfill its mission as it should.

On the other hand, this wearable gadget, while strange, looks a little funny. Naturally, no one is willing to carry such a device with him just to not hear his voice. That is when people are looking for more convenience and try to use wireless headphones and smart watches, as much as possible, not to even take the phone out of their pocket.

2. Nabaztag; Rabbit, listen!


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