Despite the hope of the authorities, death is just a step away from Lake Urmia

Despite the hope of the authorities, death is just a step away from Lake Urmia


On June 13, 1402, the lowest level since 1343 was recorded for Lake Urmia, and these days the water volume of the largest internal lake of Iran has decreased even since 1994. According to these statements and the results of a recent research, Lake Urmia is in a red state and its conditions have been declared “extremely critical”.

to report The newspaper of trustThe results of the research indicate the beginning of an environmental crisis in the near future. These results are in complete contradiction with the statements of the relevant officials, that is why we do not see the public release of statistics and news. On the other hand, the relevant authorities are constantly denying and giving hope, due to this false hope, even people’s sensitivity towards this issue is not as strong as before. Now, despite these new findings, the question arises that if the lake dries up, how can the environmental, economic and social problems ahead be managed?

The new research, which aims to provide reliable data about the changes in Lake Urmia in the past years and predict the future of this lake, has been prepared by the Urmia Lake Research Project in collaboration with the Remote Sensing Center of Sharif University of Technology, using Landsat satellite images and code development. Google Earth Engine (GEE) has obtained, compared and verified the area of ​​the lake from June 13, 1392 to 1402.

Using the obtained information, the researchers arrived at an acceptable data calculation method and verified the information. The result, after drawing the lake level diagram based on the information obtained in the last 10 years, was that the lake level has reached the lowest number in the last 60 years. Due to the lack of formation of any headquarters for recovery and rescue, Lake Urmia has been diagnosed as “dying”.

Among other important results obtained by the researchers, we can mention the water volume of the lake, which has reached the lowest level in the last 10 years. According to the reports, until this research was conducted, the lowest recorded volume of water was in 2014 and now, the volume of water is even less than that year. The decrease in water volume is a significant crisis and it is possible to lead to the complete death of the lake by September 1402, that is, in less than two months.

As the lake dries up, tens of kilometers around it will become uninhabitable and salt dust will cover all the cities in the northwest of the country. The report clearly says: “According to the trend of the decrease in the level of Lake Urmia in the summer season, the water level will reach a number between 1269.80 and 1269.90 meters above the level of the open seas at the end of Shahrivar of the water year 1402.” Based on these statistics, researchers believe that the lake will be completely dry this year.


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